Disabled Vets Children Stolen Over Cannabis

Gilead Community

I just read a heartbreaking article on the Daily HazeA disabled veteran named Raymond Schwab and his wife Amelia had their children taken away while they were in the process of moving to Colorado so that Raymond could received legal cannabis treatment for PTSD and chronic pain. Per the Daily Haze:

The Schwabs decided to relocate to Colorado, where medical marijuana is legal. So in April 2015, Raymond transferred his job with the Department of Veterans Affairs, left their children with family in Kansas so they could get packed up and move. That was the last they saw of their kids and the real nightmare began.

It turns out the family the children were left with contacted DCF in Kansas, who held a hearing that the Schwabs weren’t informed of, nor represented at. During this hearing, the children were removed from their parents custody and then placed in the…

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